Beaded Rows? Who Is A Candidate?

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Not sure whether not your clients are candidates for beaded row hair extensions? Well let's talk about all the factors that will help you determine whether she is a candidate or not!

I believe with beaded rows they are the more "generous" and "forgiving" method of hair extensions for women with finer hair, unlike other methods. also this method is pretty much versatile for any woman that wants hair extensions... Not including the ones that have hair shorter than 5-6 inches or are looking to cover their thinning scalps.

Beaded rows are great because they can so easily add length, volume or both to your clients hopefully helping them reach their hair goals. 

Although they are considered "permanent" they can easily be removed in 15 minutes or less and their is no bonding that is attached to the hair. If your client ends up not liking this method they can easily turn them into clips in. And yes, it will most likely happen to you to, just like it has happened at Studio She in the past and it's okay they aren't for everyone!

Are your clients looking for dimensional looks, or lighter hair but not wanting to over process their hair? Well beaded rows are the answer! You can so easily give your clients the looks they desire without coloring their hair or using very minimal color, and help prevent damage and over processing!

One other great benefit that I find is usually the deciding factor, is the fact that the hair can last over a year... Now that's if it's quality hair and the client is following all at home car maintenance the hair should last a year or more!

Now all of those are great reason for beaded rows, but there are some things you may want to discuss with your clients before making a final decisions! Lik the maintenance... Are you clients able to come in every 6-8 weeks for their maintenance appointments. I have clients that love the fact they can get away from their kids and the real world for a little while and relax every 6-8 weeks and I have other clients that flat out just don't have the time!

So? Are beaded rows right for your clients? Next time you have a consultation, bring up all of these points about beaded rows what's great about them and what are the things they have to consider! Make sure to always choose what method will benefit the client best!

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