Growing Your Business!?

hair extension academy hair extensions artist tips Jan 17, 2024
Hair salon business
Just starting out? You'll need to attract the right clients!
*If you have been a stylist for a while, then you'll already understand what it's like attracting the wrong client.
I get that when we're new (including myself) we tend to be the YES person. We say yes to everyone because we want to fill out chair and of course make money. We also need that money to grow our business?
HOLD UP! Let's change the mindset. We don't need to attract the wrong customers - ie those that bring their own extensions they purchased on Amazon, tell us what method is best for them, ask us to work our days off, etc.. We also don't need to spend tons of money on marketing. If anything, we can do it for FREE.
Building your book takes time and it all starts with you! First, you need proper education, followed by confidence behind the chair.
Here's some free strategies to get you going!
Register your business on Google+
Google is THE largest search engine! When people are searching for services they mostly use Google. Be patient, it works!
Talk to your Friends & Family
Since I moved here from Canada and didn't know anyone, this one didn't apply to me, but it's true that those that are closest to you will be the best form of practice and business building.
Create a Model Call
When I first started my business, this was my go-to! I posted a model call on my social media and Craigslist. Yes, your heard that right... CRAIGSLIST! I offered a full head of extensions at a fraction of the cost. I also did this for my apprentice, I did a month for hand tied wefts and a month for keratin bonds and she gained a handful of clients... and a few of those clients even referred her more clients!
*Don't forget to have your models sign a photo release form.
Open a business page on Facebook & Instagram
For marketing and business purposes, you can't use your personal pages. Think about it, your clients don't need to know you EVERYTHING about you.
Collaborate with others!
Collaborate rather than Compete! Work together, share each others photos, posts and media. Learn from each other. Ask questions.
Giveaways - Contests
Everyone loves something for free! You'd be surprised at what people will do for a free t-shirt LOL>. Offering a Giveaway will increase your traffic and followers. How? In order to put your name in for the "draw" they have to follow you on social media.
A GOOD TESTIMONIAL IS WORTH EVERYTHING! It's proven that your customers are reading them and going to those with the best feedback.
Think about it! Money and trust, two words that either work together or they don't. Your clients need to know that you're fully aware and confident about hair extensions. In my experience, you should be wearing them. If you have thick hair (my dream) then you should use just a few strands for highlighting or low lighting.
Growing your business will take time and effort, it won't happen overnight but you will get there! With the right people and mentors standing around you and supporting you it will happen in not time!