How To Avoid A Hair Extension Mullet

hair extension academy hair extensions artist tips Jan 17, 2024
hair extensions mullet

Have you ever found yourself have to curl the extensions you installed to make them blend? If so, then its a mullet!

YUP! A hair extension mullet NOBODY wants!

When do mullets and hair extensions happen? When you try and go too long! That's right! You can't just put 24" on anyone and call it a day!

Now, I am not going to sit here and act like I have never done this, because of course it has! When I was new and starting to build my book I would say yes to anyone and everyone because "I wanted to give the client what they wanted". A phrase that I believe is overused in our industry.  

That was the young artist just trying to make a living and not knowing any better! But I learned and so can you!

How do you avoid mullets? I like to follow a simple rule of "you can double in length and volume".

This means, measuring from the nape of the neck - NOT the top of the head.

Can you break these rules? Sure can, I mean rules are meant to be broken, right!? But ONLY if she has the perfect head shape and density.

It is okay to say no to clients, as long as you are able to provide and explanation and another solution!

I'm not here to knock anybody's work, just here to give you the facts!