How to Use Hair Extensions to Color Hair!

hair extension academy hair extensions artist tips May 01, 2024
Hair Extensions


Are you coloring your clients hair before their hair extension install? Do you ever find yourself over coloring your clients hair? Are you worried about your clients hair health from over coloring?

Let's talk about how using hair extensions for color can solve most of your problems!

Unlike traditional hair dye, which can be permanent and require regular touch-ups, hair extensions offer a temporary and versatile way to switch up your clients look. Here are some reasons to consider using extensions for color...

Hair Extensions can be used to color the majority of your clients hair. We find ourselves installing hair extensions before doing our clients color a lot of the times! This is because we can color around the extensions and avoid over coloring, and prevent damage to your clients hair! Most of the time we find ourselves only having doing partial highlights after an install!

There is also zero commitment when it comes to hair extensions. We have clients that like to add pops of color to their hair, and to prevent bleaching and coloring their natural hair we can use hair extensions to add those pops of colors!

There are a lot of reason why hair extensions can be healthier for the hair, and using them to help color your clients hair is just one of them! Next time you have a hair extension appointment, do your client a favor and try these tips! They will appreciate the fact that you are looking out for them!

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