Techniques for Hair Extension Blending

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Hair Extension Blending

Do you ever find that after a hair extension makeover there's one more thing you could've done but your not sure what it is? Have you ever thought about your blend between the natural hair and hair extensions?

Your not the only one... after years of teaching this is a common struggles students find themselves having. The art of blending is crucial for natural-looking results that blend with a client's natural hair.

Okay, so let's talk about some techniques that can help you ensure a great bend for your hair extension clients! 

First things first... color matching. If the match is not right than there will be no blend. When it comes to color matching, you don't want o color that clients hair to match the extensions. Make it easy on yourself and save yourself some time... Match the extensions to the clients hair and natural tonality! 

Hair extensions are great because you can place methods differently depending on the clients needs, wants head shape and hair density. Work with the clients natural hair patterns not against it!

When it comes to cutting, small pizza sections all around the head is the key. Never blunt cut the extenions either, this can make the ends to heavy giving the extensions the "fake look". Point cutting and a feather razor are your best friend! Cutting a "hole" In the extensions is easier than one would think... take your time and learn the way around the head!


Don't let your client leave with a mullet! I've said it before and i'll say it again! Only double in length and volume! Face-framing extensions add a touch of softness around the face, and will most likely help blend those shorter pieces everyone tends to have!. 


The art of blending in hair extension application is the work of color, texture, and technique. By mastering these seamless application techniques, you should be able to create transformations that have a great seamless outcome!

Don’t just be an artist, become a Master!

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