Understanding Hair Extensions

hair extension academy hair extensions artist tips Apr 17, 2024
Understanding Hair Extensions

 If you're new here, welcome and if this isn't your first time welcome back! Today I'm going to talk about the different materials used to make hair extensions, and which types you should provide to your clients! So, let's get into it!

The first type we are going to talk about are Human hair extensions... They are top-notch for their natural look and feel, although not all human hair extensions feel the same! Every Vendor or brand or company however you choose to say it, they all have different hair! Human hair extensions can be styled just like normal, and they blend into your clients hair seamlessly!

Human hair extensions are the only type of hair you should be providing to your clients (there may be different cases in which you use other hair). They come from various regions like India, Brazil, Europe, each with its unique texture and quality. A quick tip: I source hair from different vendors because not one region of hair will suit all of your clients!

Then we have synthetic hair! They are more budget friendly, but because it's man made with synthetic fibers, and doesn't have to be sourced from humans! But... cheaper is not always better! Synthetic hair extensions have a certain shine to them that human hair doesn't have, they also can't be heat styled the majority of the time and tend to knot and tangle more easily!

Some extensions blend human and synthetic fibers for a mix of affordability and natural appearance. You have to be careful with this... Some vendors can say they are 100% Remy human hair extensions but there is synthetic hair mixed in there, so do your research!

Understanding the ins and outs of hair extensions helps you pick the right one for your clients. 

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