Client Retention Vitals

Aug 17, 2021
You've really only had one chance to make a great impression with a new guest.
You work hard and your talents are vast! Your new guest has done her research and believes that she can trust that YOU are the one for the job. As a matter of fact, she will spend $1000's of dollars to spend time with you and she doesn't even know you! I mean that's something amazing right there.
You set the date, order the hair extensions and while you sleep peacefully at night, guess who's thinking about you?! It seems extreme but if this is her first "date" with you and hair extensions then it's fair to say. Imagine she's never spent or invested in herself to this extent, rather she puts her kids and family first. Her husband, if he knew, wouldn't understand because possibly he doesn't like change! She works full time and doesn't have free time for most things. But something about her life now creates the desire to open her mind to a better version of herself. She's possibly been thinking about having extensions for years and either couldn't afford them, has heard horror stories about them OR just didn't know the right person to help her.
The magic of a make-over and the self-confidence you can give, while creating a life for yourself that you've always wanted, is now in your hands. It's moments like these that give me goosebumps and you'd think after so many years of being in this business that I would've become accustomed to it. The opportunity we are given as Stylists is such an honor!
What's the secret to maintaining a full book of guests that respect my profession and consider me an artist? First and foremost, I am educated and I continue to learn. How boring would life be if you just stopped learning?! I firmly disagree that the art of hair extensions online. Secondly, I am a "day maker". Sounds cheesy but when my client is in, it's all about them. I've been doing this for such a long time that most have become like family and I've grown with them through Cancer, Child Birth, Job Loss and Job Gains, Marriages and Divorces, and some pretty gnarly stuff. Thirdly, providing your guest the best service using quality products that will last the test of time is VITAL. Your application, color matching, cut and styling better be on point! There is zero room for error because it's you she trusted. This isn't a color service that can be corrected. With extensions, it's got to be right from the start.
This is where I come in and share with you how important it is to obtain a proper education and work with a limited vendors list that you can trust. You need testimonials from your guests and real stories to share with women who need your special talent and what you have to offer. You also need REAL WOMEN. What do I mean by this?! To be frank, not everyone sitting in your chair wants Victoria's Secret hair. With social media, the look of extensions is typically 22", parted in the middle and has a beach wave. Now look around, do you see this daily?! The simple answer is no. Women of all ages have more hair challenges now than ever. The stress, diet, lifestyle, and other factors of life set in and it affects our hair. The woman you need in your chair will be with you for years, possibly decades. I like to joke and say "I'm not a one-hit wonder!". I am making relationships and my client retention is on point.
During the Mastery Class, I pass on all that I know and have learned. I've broken down how to complete an accurate consultation in under 15 minutes. My mistakes will be your fortune.
All my commitment,
Christina Jones
Christina Jones is a true pioneer in the hair extensions industry investing the past twenty years carving an indelible mark, both as a creative business owner and as an International Educator. Christina Jones takes an independent approach, which is not tied to one specific vendor but rather a vendor list offering an overview of all processes, products, and techniques available. This approach enables the stylist to learn how to create a wide range of different looks on a variety of hair types while not locking into only one company/brand or method. Her "Tell All" Hair Extensions Training Program - is based on 15+ years of experience working with women who suffer from medical hair loss, or simply those that want more volume and length. These classes are developed to teach non-aggressive methods (no glue - no damage) of hair addition while also learning how to build a solid foundation for a successful business! Christina was awarded "Woman of the Year!", by the National Association of Professional Women. She also Volunteers with the Look Good Feel Better program hosting "Wigs & Headcoverings" zoom webinars for women who currently receive Cancer treatments. #beadedrow #beadedrowcertification #hairextensionclass #onlinehairextensionclass #natrualbeadedrow #handtiedweft #haircourse #hairextensionmastery #hairexensionmasterclass #hairextenionclassesnearme #fusionhairextensionclas #tapehairextensionclass #coldfusion #keratinextensionclass