Hair Extensions: Luxury or Tragedy

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Are you hair extension vendors luxury or a tragedy?

Let's talk about how to tell if your extensions are 100% or a total flop. Knowing how to pick the right extensions can make all the difference to you and your clients.

So, listen up - after 30+ years and A LOT of trial and error I've got some important tips to share with you!

First off, let's talk about what hair extensions are made of. The best ones are 100% human hair. That means they're gonna look, feel, and move just like natural hair. Run your fingers through them - real human hair should feel just as smooth and silky as the hair on your head, not all rough and synthetic-y.

But hair will also feel different depending on the vendor, due to where the hair is sourced from.

Another thing to check is the cuticles. In high-quality extensions, the cuticles should all be aligned in the same direction. This keeps the hair nice and sleek, without any annoying tangles. If the cuticles are all over the place, you know those extensions are gonna be a mess and the clients' hair will begin to tangle within the hair extensions.

Now, good extensions shouldn't tangle up or shed like crazy, this also depends on how your client takes care of them. Cheap hair can tend to tangle and knot more easily. And your clients will notice more shedding with cheaper hair. The hair will also not last as long as higher quality hair.

Oh, and make sure the extensions can handle a little heat! If it's human hair extensions, they shouldn't melt and you will be able to style them just like natural hair.

At the end of the day, finding the perfect extensions is all about knowing what to look for. Think about the material, check the cuticles, and do a few quick tests. With the right info, you can be offering your clients all top notch hair!


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