How To Care For Fusion Hair Extensions

Aug 17, 2021
Keratin Extensions aka Fusion Hair Extensions are bonded to the natural hair. Aftercare for this method is a bit more detailed than others. The best advice I can give is to step away from high oil products. Oil and anything won't stick... if there happens to be an air bubble or slight gap between the keratin bond and the natural hair, oil from products can find a way between both and this enables slippage.
  • Shampoo hair 48 hours after application
  • Before shampoo brush hair and remove all knots
  • Begin brushing from the bottom up
  • Shampoo twice or more per week
  • Use only the products recommended by your extension artist
  • Shampoo roots only. Conditioner is for the ends
  • After washing, gently rub off access water and let hair air dry for 10+ minutes.
  • Thermal Protection will help the life of your hair extensions and prevent damage to both your hair and the extensions.
  • Use hair extensions wet dry brush or boar bristle brush
  • Braid hair before bed
  • Protect your investment purchase professional hair extensions aftercare products
  • Wet hair before swimming, spray with a light conditioner and put hair extensions into a loose braid.
Do not use oil products including serums (for example frizz ease)
Do not use products high in alcohol
Do not Color extensions with permanent color
Do not Run-flat iron over hair extension keratin bonds
Do not Place conditioner on the root area
Do not over-wash hair.
Do not wash hair upside down or flood rinse

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