Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions Client Release Form

Aug 17, 2021
A little handy form for you to print out. Don't forget to add your business name and or logo!
Client Release Form
I __________name____________________________ residing
@ address________________________________________________________________________
Do not hold (YOUR NAME, YOUR BUSINESS) responsible in any way for my decision in applying hair extensions to my hair. In the event I decide to keep them in my hair, I am fully responsible for the total payment of services rendered.
I also understand the explanation of the whole procedure and I am aware that with proper care on my behalf, the keratin hair extensions should stay in my hair for at least 30 days. Maintenance is 8 weeks and removal is 4-5 months. Removal must be completed by a professional.
The charge for removal is not included in the original fee.
Signed by client
Signed by a licensed stylist

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