Q & A For Your Hair Extension Clients

Aug 17, 2021
It gives me great joy to wish you all the best for 2019!  I love the feeling of a "new year" and setting goals to help others achieve greatness!
The next Academy is just around the corner and I can't wait to meet everyone.  As you know, this is an advanced intense two day, all methods, hands-on workshop.  
This month I will be focusing on client questions.  Rather than have you stumped, why not just save these emails so that you can either create your own Q&A or have them as back up?! For example:  Did you know that the water we use on the extensions will affect the extension itself?  (keep reading for how to correct possible mishaps)
How long will it take to get used to my new extensions?
Natural hair growth, daily habits, and a variety of other factors will affect the initial installation.  It is important to see your stylist again within the first 2 weeks after the initial installation to fix those few strands, alter the placement, and review with you any questions that you may have regarding washing and styling the hair. 
Expect that your new set of hair extensions will have to adapt to your head and your daily habits.  Because this is real human hair that was most likely never exposed to styling products or tools, you will have to "train" the hair to curl or lay flat in the way you wish.  Wearing a new set of extensions is like a new haircut, in that you now have to learn to style the hair and make it lay the way you wish.
The new hair extensions are now blended with your own hair, with the goal of having seamless integration of the hair extensions to create a full head of hair.   The hair extensions will most likely have a different density and curl pattern than your natural hair so one must be mindful of this when styling. 
Also be sure to consider the quality of water your hair is exposed to, and the shampoo, conditioner and other styling products that the new hair extensions will have to absorb and adapt to.  This "hair training" period can take 2-3 weeks before your new head of hair starts behaving the way you want.  Be patient, but be persistent.  
What can I do if I have well water at home and my hair extensions feel dry? As we know, well water is full of minerals that will deposit into the cuticle and cause all sorts of issues.  I am a huge self-proclaimed ambassador (yes I made up that title) of Malibu Shampoo & Conditioner that is scientifically created for swimmers and those that have hard water/well water. 
What products should I use? I love this question because often your clients will spend thousands on extensions and then use high oil, high sulfate shampoo.  Do yourself and your client a favor and have retail products on hand.  Using the wrong product will cause your client unnecessary stress and will create more work for you, the artist. 
Expensive name brand products are not necessarily good products for hair extensions, especially for light blonde extensions.  Be mindful of the ingredients in your products. 
Most shampoos have harsh detergents that deposit chemicals within the cuticle layers and will not completely rinse out.  This will leave the hair dry and crisp feeling.  Sulfate-free shampoo with moisturizing properties is always the way to go!
Most conditioners feel great during the application, but rinse off completely and don't add any moisture.  Moisture is critical for maintaining hair extensions no matter the color.  Use gentle products that will not dry out the hair.  
Hair & Compounds has an awesome aftercare line for hair extensions.  The science behind it is legit and will gently clean and moisturize extensions.  It's also very affordable.  
Have questions that you need to know how to answer?!  Just ask!  
All my commitment, Christina Jones [email protected] [email protected]
Christina Jones is a true pioneer in the hair extensions industry investing the past twenty years carving an indelible mark, both as a creative business owner and as an International Educator. Christina Jones takes an independent approach, which is not tied to one specific vendor but rather a vendor list offering an overview of all processes, products, and techniques available. This approach enables the stylist to learn how to create a wide range of different looks on a variety of hair types while not locking into only one company/brand or method. Her "Tell All" Hair Extensions Training Program - is based on 15+ years of experience working with women who suffer from medical hair loss, or simply those that want more volume and length. These classes are developed to teach non-aggressive methods (no glue - no damage) of hair addition while also learning how to build a solid foundation for a successful business! Christina was awarded "Woman of the Year!", by the National Association of Professional Women. She also Volunteers with the Look Good Feel Better program hosting "Wigs & Headcoverings" zoom webinars for women who currently receive Cancer treatments. #beadedrow #beadedrowcertification #hairextensionclass #onlinehairextensionclass #natrualbeadedrow #handtiedweft #haircourse #hairextensionmastery #hairexensionmasterclass #hairextenionclassesnearme #fusionhairextensionclas #tapehairextensionclass #coldfusion #keratinextensionclass