The Hair Extension Consultation Form You Need!

Aug 17, 2021
Let's face it, the hair extension consultation process can be a little challenging.
The thing is though - you'll never have a second chance for a first impression & you want to maximize your time while educating quickly and booking that future hair extension appointment.
In phase one of Beta, I learned that most stylists struggle with the consultation process. That said, I've simplified for you and have a few game-changing tips!
First and foremost...You're going to need a form!
This is your transcript! It will guide you through all the proper questions so that you don't forget anything. It will also keep you on track - it's easy to get off track and you want to keep the other conversation for the day of the service not the day of the consultation.
Reason's why you need to use a form:
Give the impression of being professional.
Hair Extensions are a luxury service and details matter.
Identify if the person is a candidate for hair extensions.
Keep organized.
Learn important lifestyle & medical details.
The Disclaimer protects you!
After your client leaves, I suggest writing notes on the back of this form. Things such as hobbies, children, birthdays, job,s etc. This makes it easier to stay connected to each client!
Would you like a copy of this Hair Extension Client Consultation Card?