Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Extensions For Your Client

Aug 17, 2021
How To Buy Hair Extensions
Keep scrolling to see how I was falsely promised Russian hair. I've been buying hair extensions for so long, that I knew to ask the obvious question. But think about it, would you ask twice where the hair was from, or would you just trust that what they are saying is "bible"?
I googled "best hair extensions" & "professional hair extensions" and holy guacamole, it's a bit overwhelming. Diving deeper, there are many fake websites that seem American but link to China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Some of the largest companies are actually sister companies. And there doesn't seem to be anywhere to get a real live person!
Questions to ask when choosing a new company to purchase hair extensions - aka vendor
1. Where is the hair sourced?
 If the hair is Russian, you may want to confirm.
Here's a photo of a conversation I had. It's shocking really!
2. Is this Remy human hair and if so what are the percentages?
(you'd be surprised by this answer if it's true)
3. What percentage is the "actual" length (single drawn)?
(it's never 100%)
4. If double drawn what percentage?
(if any?)
5. Will the extension hair shed?
6. Can I re-use and if so how many times?
7. Can I color these extensions and if so under what guidelines?
8. How to properly remove?
9. What is the weight of each piece and can the base be cut?
10. What happens if the hair starts to knot and tangle? Do you have any policies to protect the stylist?
When you attend the Mastery Class, you'll be given an up-to-date Vendor list of companies you can trust. I want you to be successful and help as many women as possible and that starts with using quality raw materials!

Christina Jones is a true pioneer in the hair extensions industry investing the past twenty years in carving an indelible mark, both as a creative business owner and as an International Educator. Christina Jones takes an independent approach, which is not tied to one specific vendor but rather a vendor list offering an overview of all processes, products, and techniques available. This approach enables the stylist to learn how to create a wide range of different looks on a variety of hair types while not locking into only one company/brand or method. Her "Tell All" Hair Extensions Training Program - is based on 15+ years of experience working with women who suffer from medical hair loss, or simply those that want more volume and length. These classes are developed to teach non-aggressive methods (no glue - no damage) of hair addition while also learning how to build a solid foundation for a successful business! Christina was awarded "Woman of the Year!", by the National Association of Professional Women.

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