Imagine having the confidence, mindset, and knowledge that you need to turn the hair extension consultation into a reoccurring client!  

Now, imagine that once you’ve determined the best method of hair extensions, the texture, and the amount that you’ll need to use/order, you’re ready to talk price!  

Without overthinking it, you use the script I've given you and follow the systems that I’ve put in place, and viola… you’re now onto booking the installation appointment!  It truly was that easy and you nailed the consultation in less than 15 minutes.  

The consultation process should be fun and an exciting time that invites transformation!

But unfortunately most of you…

  • Have been getting stuck in consultations that last longer than 15 minutes YIKES…time is money and the last time I checked you didn’t work for free!
  • Let the customer choose the method of hair extensions because the customer knows more than you (not really!) and tells you what method she wants without respecting your skillset.
  • Just do tape extensions because they are easier and you know there are other methods out there but you’re not sure where to start.
  • Have just one color ring, and offer just one method of hair extensions.
  • Are scared to talk about money and finances, especially luxury items and pricing. 
  • Emotionally discount your services.
  • Lacking confidence in one or more areas.

95% of consultations book with me, let me show you how so you can enjoy working on your craft! 




The Expert Guide To The Hair Extension Consultation.